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Welcome to Alizarin 9

Alizarin 9 Inc. is a digital marketing and publishing company dedicated to sharing technical knowledge and digital marketing skills with small businesses and freelancers that would otherwise be left to fend for themselves. Alizarin 9 believes that anything is possible if you are passionate about your project, you have a specific goal, and that you have the tenacity to pursue your dream when things get tough. Our resources and services will help you build the foundation that will help your audience find you.

Steps to Digital Marketing Success

1)  A Website with Great Design, Structure, and Purpose.
2)  Website and Search Engine Optimization.
3)  Amazing Content and Service.
4)  Reputation Management.
5)  Google and Social Media Advertizing.

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Alizarin 9 Services

Learn what is important to your project without the fluff.


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Use research and online tools to improve the quality and quantity of people visiting your website. Your audiance is waiting to discover you.



Publishing Course Banner

Understanding color theory, aesthetic design, and user expectations, will get people’s attention and drive more sales, clicks, and subscriptions.



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Share your ideas with the world and publish your work on your terms. Use online tools to find more people faster than ever before.


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Learn what is important to your project without the fluff. Get started with one of our Free Courses and learn everything you need to get started today!

Intro to Digital Marketing

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WordPress for Beginners

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Project Name

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SEO Complete Course

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Social Media Advertising

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Google & Youtube Advertising

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General Information and FAQ’s

How long does it take to build a website?

Every project is different, however; anyone with a clear plan and goals can develop a great website in a matter of weeks. 

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What framework should I use for my website?

Using WordPress is an cost effective, simple, and fast way to build the website you want. Just be sure to choose a good hosting service.

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How do I keep my website secure?

Ensuring your website is equiped with https (emphasis on the s) as well as bot protection, recaptia, and admin permissions for your accounts is important. Learn how to add these essential features to your website.

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How much does it cost to build a website?

Due to the many improvements to web development services, you can host a website for as little as $6 a month.

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I want to learn code, where should I start?

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to learning code. A great place to start for most is general HTML and CSS.

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How do I keep my hosting info secure?

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